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Tell Your Story so People Will Listen

Because you deserve more,  sales . sign-ups . donor support

Clarify Your Message

Have a Plan

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Grow Your Brand

You have a great story to tell…

how you tell that story matters...

A lot!​


Without a clear brand story and the practical proven principles and framework of copy that convert browsers to buyers, it’s going to cost you.


You don’t have to guess at what makes Your marketing work

You don’t have to guess at what makes a brand story work

With a clear brand story and effective email copy you'll...

A Brand Story that drives traffic to your website, get more sales and support


I’m Kevin Urquhart,

Creator of

I created these services to quickly put an end to the frustration that good businesses, nonprofits, and solopreneurs deal with every day.

Especially the ones that make a positive difference in this world but, aren’t getting all the sales or support they deserve.

Like you, I want my work to matter.

That’s why as a brand story strategist and email-copywriter, I help mission minded organizations overcome the challenge of reaching their audience.

So, whether you’re a business, ministry, or nonprofit impacting lives, you’re my kind of people.

And …

I’ll create Copy, Content and Messaging so you …

  • Clearly and effectively share your message
  • Help more people
  • Get the sales and support you deserve

Tell your story with confidence

Help more People

Grow Your Brand or nonprofit

getting started is easy with ...

my Simple 3-Step process


We'll chat for a moment to determined if I can help. If I can help, I'll dig deep to discover your unique message and how a brand story can best help you reach your goals.


I'll take your brand, product, or service message and use proven frameworks to create a brand story and email with powerful client centered copy to convert your ideal prospect into your ideal customer/donor.


With your new brand story in hand you'll grow your business or nonprofit wherever it shows up;
On-line, In Print, or In Person!

Is Your Homepage Working FOR You?

Request a free homepage review and instantly see how well your homepage is working to convert browsers to buyers, and supporters. 


Can your homepage do better at telling a brand story that converts browsers into buyers?

Find out with a Free, no obligation expert review.

(No sales pitch (ever) just an honest review of your homepage.)

" Kevin uncovered hidden gems to improve my website and brand message that I totally missed. Thanks for the great insights and content direction! "
Gil Mertz
Author/Speaker. Forgive Your Way to Freedom

I don’t just care about marketing …

I care about you, and the success of your business or ministry.

Because I know how it is …

I owned a service business for 20 years, and there was a time when I struggled to grow that business 

Until …

I discovered the power of a clear brand message and, effective, compelling copy to get results like …

Rank in Google Top 3 Nationwide
230% Increase in Monthly Leads
From break even to 30% net profit

Today I find attracting new clients so much fun

that I use my 25 years of business, sales, and copywriting success to help good organizations get the results they deserve!

Here's the truth why advertising and marketing doesn't work

Good people run most businesses and non-profits,

and they have great products or services, but fail to achieve great results because,

what is obvious to you, and clear in your head, is not so obvious to a first-time visitor or someone unfamiliar with your offering.  

So, even if you provide great products and services, have amazing software, and beautiful graphics, the reality is…

When it comes to engaging your audience and moving them to act 

It’s the Words that Matter…

That’s why with

The 3 Day Message Makeover, or Your Brand Message Playbook, or My 7-Step Conversion Copy Process

You’ll instantly see an improvement in the clarity, structure, and effectiveness of your brand story and message.

Finally …

A brand story that grabs your prospect’s interest and leads them to act.

A plan that leads your prospect through the buying process.

Without a clear message and a plan, your advertising and marketing efforts simply won’t work.


 when you have a custom

Brand Message Playbook

you get both,

A brand story, and A plan to execute it.

If you just need your messaging to work, start with

The 3-Day Message Makeover

for your other copy needs try my

7-Step Process for Copy that Converts


so you …


Share Your Story with More People

Have A Path that Leads to Success

Grow Your Brand or nonprofit

" After Kevin reworked our brand message and website copy we went from 0-3 leads a month to 40-65 new leads a month! "
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My Services
Copy . Content . Consult

Website Content Audit and Report

Is Your Website Working FOR You?

Most people end up frustrated with their website because they aren’t getting the business they should.

  • Get found
  • Enhance user experience (UX)
  • Engage your visitors
  • Lead prospects to action
  • Follow “Best Practices” for websites that convert

Before you design or redesign your website…

Brand Message Playbook

If You Confuse You Lose.

Without a clear message your marketing won’t work. You’re simply wasting your effort and resources. To gain sales traction you need a clear and consistent message (A Brand Story) your whole team can tell, so you get the return on marketing efforts you deserve.

  • Save time  
  • Be clear on what to say
  • Gain trust and recognition
  • Get leads, sales, sign-ups
  • Build your brand

7-Step process, Copy that Converts

Words that Work.

Once you clarify your  brand story, and have your website truly working for you, it’s time to put the sales “peddle to the metal” with powerful client centered copy and commutation wherever your organization shows up. Online, In print , or In-person.

  • Website
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Talks and Presentations

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