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Kevin Urquhart / Copywriter and Brand Strategist. Because it takes REAL Heart and Soul to Reach REAL PEOPLE. Sorry AI

Communication that Connects...

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No matter the work you do, you need God’s blessing and…

 A clear, cohesive, consistent Brand Story and Copy that authentically connects to make your mission happen.

Whether you need a brand story to make all your communications more effective or, you need compelling copywriting services to engage donors and reach more people with the hope and love of Jesus, I can help.



From break even to 30% net profit
Increased client post engagements by 1892%
230% Increase in Monthly Leads


Copywriting and communications to grow your brand

Book Cover of Your Brand Message Playbook A Brand Strory for you

Your Brand Story

You have a great story to tell,

How you tell that story matters...

A Lot!

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Website Copywriting

Your website is the foundation of a cohesive brand message that drives people to act. I understand the finer points of writing website copy so you reach your goals.

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Email Copywriting

I write your email campaigns, sequences, and communications when you're pressed for time and you need persuasive email copy that builds relationships, connects and converts readers into donors, volunteers and loyal customers.

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Fundraising Letters

Writing a persuasive fundraising letter that pulls-in donor support for your Christian nonprofit takes a deep understanding of your audience, your offer and engaging frameworks that move your reader to act. When it comes to getting it right, I can help.

What could a brand story and professional copywriting do for you?

Connect with Ideal Supporters

You’ll attract your ideal supporters and the people who need your services most when you use the right language.

Increase Your Revenue

The more consistent your message, the more your revenue will grow.

Unify your team

Give your team a common message to serve your customers well.

help more people

When I write your copy you'll get better results and have more time to focus on your vision and help more people.

" I love working with Kevin!
He takes what is in my brain and puts it in these beautifully organized and useful soundbites. I feel like this is my cheat sheet for how to truly discuss who we are and what we are about. Thank you!
Kevin Urquhart Brand Story clients
Ariel Fernald
Co-founder, Eastern Sky Theatre Co.

Let's develop copy and messaging to carry out your mission

Here’s How


We'll chat for a moment to determine if I can help. Then, If I can help, I dig deep to discover your unique message and how my copywriting service or a brand story can best help you reach your goals.


With your goals in mind, I use proven frameworks to create a brand story and copy that builds relationships and instantly and clearly links your Christian nonprofit with ideal donors and supporters.


Now with your new copy and brand story in hand, you'll easily share the love and hope of Jesus with more people and grow your Christian nonprofit wherever it shows up... Online, In Print, or In Person!

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See Samples of My Copywriting Work

If you’re looking for a Christian copywriter that’s easy to work with and focused on meeting your mission then take a look at some of my work and see if I can help.

" Kevin uncovered hidden gems to improve my website and brand message that I totally missed. Thanks for the great insight and content direction! "
Gil Mertz
Author/Speaker. Forgive Your Way to Freedom

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