7-Step Process for Copy that Converts





Consider the money and time you invest in your website, Outreach, and other marketing efforts.

If you’re not maximizing every word you type, print, or speak you’re losing money.

Communicating your unique value in a compelling way that drives people to get behind your cause takes a deep understanding of your offering, your customer, and donors.

Plus a proven method of framing your message for maximum clarity and effectiveness.

That’s why I take the time and care to help you and your organization succeed.

Here’s my  process that gets the job done.

My 7-Step process for crafting copy that takes people with a need or a heart for your services from searchers into Active Supporters and recipients...

I get to know you, your organization, your services, and your goals.

Next, I conduct research on your brand, your offer, the market, your donors and recipients.

Once I collect all needed data I then Analyze the information to uncover your unique story and why people support your cause and use your services over other options. And to understand the not so obvious, deeper emotional benefits people receive from associating with your Christian nonprofit. 

To be effective, your message needs to be built around one central point. During the brainstorm phase I work with you to pinpoint your ideal client, and “The Big Idea” or “Central Message” of your offering that resonates with prospective donors, volunteers, and those you serve.

This is where I craft Your Story. Using a powerful seven part framework based on relationship principles. I craft a complete brand message that clearly communicates who you are, the problems you solve, the clients you serve, and the transformative  results you achieve with compelling reasons so people support your cause and benefit from your services.

To ensure your message is as impactful as possible I go through Your Brand Message and Copy again, to finalize, edit, and to ensure maximum clarity, appeal, and impact.

Once Your Brand Message and Copy is complete I guide you in creating a sales funnel and I make layout and graphic recommendations to support the message (if applicable).

What to expect when you work with me …

" I love working with Kevin!
He takes what is in my brain and puts it in these beautifully organized and useful soundbites. I feel like this is my cheat sheet for how to truly discuss who we are and what we are about. Thank you!
Kevin Urquhart Brand Story clients
Ariel and Trey Fernald
Co-founders, Eastern Sky Theatre Co.
  • I communicate with you throughout the process.
  • Make revisions as needed.
  • Upon completion, I send you the finished copy for your approval and use.
Getting started just takes a simple 5-minute conversation to determine if I can help. 
(Not a sales pitch and no pressure, ever. Just an honest conversation and assessment of your needs).

And if I can help, I’ll gather some information about your project, then I’ll send you an outline of the work to be completed along with a quote.

And if you like it…

You’ll soon be enjoying clear powerful content, emails, and brand messaging that connects with the  people who need your help most.  And with  the willing hearts of people to support your cause.

Sound good?


In the meantime,

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