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                                                                                                                                                                  Brand Strategist and Copywriter

Brand Messaging, Copywriting, Consulting

To Grow Your Christian Brand or Nonprofit

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How I help

My Purpose …

To advance The Kingdom of Heaven by helping Christian nonprofits, businesses, and creatives to reach their mission with clear and impactful communications so that together we fulfill “The Great Commission”.

 “Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.”

 Communicate clearly and authentically, with integrity, excellence, humility, generosity, (giving value before profit)  graciousness, empathy, consideration for others and above all, love.

The organizations and individuals I serve make a positive impact in the lives of others with a heart for God, People, and the United States of America.

  • Christian ministries, nonprofits, and Churches that impact individual lives and our culture for Jesus.

  •  Christian owned businesses that provide products and services that directly promote pro-American values, share the hope and love of Jesus or support organizations that do.
  • Christian creatives with a heart to honor God and share the hope and love of Jesus through their work. This includes authors, speakers, film/media producers, and performers.

As a Brand Strategist and Copywriter I have made a significant impact for the Kingdom of Heaven by promoting cultural change in the United States through various Christian Ministries, Authors, Businesses and Organizations.

Due to my work in promoting organizations that create changed lives and cultures for Christ I have become a go to source for Brand Messaging within the Christian community.

God has blessed my work and uses my work to help others in need, and to raise and make millions of dollars for Christian businesses, creatives, and organizations that are reaching the world with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

About me:

Just a regular guy, here to help a handful of people make this world a better place.

I’ve owned small businesses since I was twenty years old and have held several sales and management positions in my early career days.

My background is in Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, Ministry, Horticulture, Performing Arts, Business, and The Bible.

I am a perpetual learner, enthusiastic entrepreneur, certified copywriter, consultant, faith-based movie producer, and ordained minister.

And, if I’m being completely honest, a questionable actor. (at best)


I think I’m the funniest person in the room.

(I’m pretty sure that’s why my daughters refer to me as Michael Scott.)

When I’m not transforming how organizations think and talk about what they do, you’ll usually find me spending time together with Beth, my beautiful wife of 30 years. 

After raising five wonderful children, and as recent empty nesters we’ve been enjoying traveling and doing ministry projects together.

Kevin and Beth on horseback

When I get the chance, I love to play in the ocean and enjoy all of God’s creation.

Training and Certification

I really geek-out on all things marketing.

I’ve taken several courses, studied and have read extensively on the topics of copywriting, branding, psychology, sales, and marketing. And the incredible transformative power of story to radically grow an organization. 

Pulling inspiration from my knowledge and experience I’ve created processes, assessments, products, and services, to remove the frustration of marketing for my clients.

And I’ve learned and practiced my craft from organizations and highly accomplished writers and leaders such as,

 -American Writers and Artist Incorporated  -Semrush Academy

  -Ann Handley    -Donald Miller    -Joanna Wiebe    -Ray Edwards and others

Dedicated to Professionalism and Possibilities

Like any professional, I’m committed to my writing and marketing practice.

Not only do I considered learning a lifetime pursuit but …

I love to learn and then put my knowledge into practice to see what results are possible.

How My Passion for Business turned to a passion for helping nonprofits was birthed out of my passion for reaching the heart of an audience and generating new business through the attracting power of copywriting, brand messaging, and story.

This passion for marketing took hold several years ago after almost losing my company.

I Was About to Lose It All …

 I owned a local service business for 20 years.

5 years after starting my company and enjoying steady growth my sales started to plateau.

Then the next year, the real estate bubble popped, and the economic crises of 2008 began.

At this point, business didn’t just plateau. It was more like going off a cliff. It was bad.

Determined not to remain stuck or lose the business, I began learning all I could about marketing.

Then an Incredible Thing Happened

I came across the knowledge and power of what every highly successful business,
nonprofit, and entrepreneur knows.


Everything Turned around

 By God’s grace and my newfound knowledge and training I was able to get off that plateau and save the company.

And not just save it but actually thrive!

Upon implementing my new craft, things began to shift.  And Shift Big!

For example,

I was having too much fun to keep this to myself

After having a ton of fun getting results like that for my local service business, it sparked a new passion in me.

That passion drove me to learn all I could about my craft.

And as timing would have it, this led to a big career change.

Time for A Change

After 20 years in business and applying my marketing and copywriting skills we were blessed to have quadrupled the value of the our company.

With the company’s value at an all-time high we decided to sell the business.

Now with available time on my hands something occurred to me.

I Wanted To Help Others Succeed

I realized just how large the number of good organizations there are like mine, that aren’t getting the business or support they deserve. 

Businesses and nonprofits like yours that are doing good work, making life better for others, and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven.

And I want to help …

Doing Work That Matters

After my friends who also own businesses where asking me for help I needed to make a  decision.

“Do I just go after the ‘dollar’ and help any business, or do I come alongside the organizations that are doing good and making a real difference?

So, I decided to make myself available to the organizations, businesses, and individuals that are making a positive difference in this world, and the world to come.

This allows me to come alongside a small handful of Individuals, nonprofits, and businesses each year that I can poor my focus and energy into to get real results. And help my clients that are helping others.


 And knowing my consulting, messaging, and copywriting services help grow the organizations that are changing lives and making life better for others is extremely fun and rewarding.

However …


I’m No Genius

After assessing and helping others improve their communications and get better results, I’m often accused of being a genius.

The reality is, I’m no genius.

Like any professional, I simply have knowledge of what has already been proven to work and, I have the skill and experience of putting that knowledge into  practice. Thereby using my lifetime of knowledge, experience, and skill to help good organizations get results.

For example:

Imagine Your Possibilities ...

What if you had no concern for where your next dollar was coming from?
Or …
Imagine what it would feel like to be free from the frustration of ineffective communication and outreach efforts when trying to find new donors or help more people.

And instead …

Focus on your vision …


Help more people in the process…

Finally ditching your frustration and time wasting activities and instead, embracing the exhilaration, the freedom and the sense of satisfaction while making a real impact in this world.

More People Need to Hear Your Story!

There are…

  • Babies to be saved
  • Enslaved to be set free
  • Relationships and families to be restored
  • Hungry to be fed
  •  Disadvantaged to be educated 

                                                              and so much more!

If you’ve read this far then you have just experienced the power of a brand story at work.

If you’d like to do the same with your brand message, or email marketing get on my calendar here and we’ll chat.

I’ll look at your situation and we’ll discuss if it makes sense for us to take the next step.

Sound good?

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