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" Your Brand Message Playbook "

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A Clear Brand Story is the fastest and easiest way to making an emotional, memorable, and authentic connection with your audience.

And having a simple client relationship path that leads your audience to act.

So you quickly build trust with a consistent message wherever your brand shows up, On-line or Off-line.

As a copywriter and a brand story specialist I craft your unique Brand Story, and give you a plan to implement it, so all your marketing and outreach efforts are more profitable.

Your Brand Message Playbook is a three-part blueprint to grow your brand.

Book Cover of Your Brand Message Playbook A Brand Strory for you

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It not only answers the need for a custom, clear, and consistent Brand Message

it also gives you a Map to implement your message, and …

a framework from which to work so you can easily plug your brand story into all platforms, and marketing Materials. 

What’s Included …

Your Brand Story is the foundation that makes all your marketing and communications work.

It clearly defines,

Your Brand Map is a custom step by step action plan to implement Your Brand Story. It’s your sales funnel that builds trust naturally as it takes your prospective customer through the buying process.

 Your Marketing Materials.

Once you have Your Brand Story in place you’ll use it in part or in whole on all platforms and marketing Materials relevant to your brand, product, or service.


You also get a custom wireframe to easily navigate your homepage content.


Without a clear, well crafted brand message and an easy to navigate homepage you’ll lose visitors.

But when your message is instantly clear and your site is easy to follow you’ll make that all important memorable and emotional connection that leads to action.

Just like these successful companies and nonprofits today that understand and leverage the power of a clear and effective brand story so they can engage their audience and help more people.

Imagine how effective your communications will be when everyone on your team is consistently telling the same clear story...

Get More Sales, Sign-Ups and Supporters Today

With your own custom Brand Message Playbook!
You'll see an immediate improvement in the clarity and effectiveness of your marketing and all communications.

You get...
Your Brand Story - Message Map - and - Homepage Copy with SEO. PLUS, A Custom Homepage Wire-Frame
Free Wire-Frame
" It’s like my cheat sheet for how to truly discuss who we are and what we are about.
Thank you! "
Kevin Urquhart Brand Story clients
Ariel Fernald
Co-founder, Eastern Sky Theatre Co.

How It Works …

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Easily Write All Marketing Pieces

Your Brand Message Playbook is the springboard from which you can easily write all the collateral marketing pieces connected to your brand, product, or service.

All of your marketing pieces have A very consistent voice and message Wherever your business shows up

Online and Offline

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Build Trust and Recognition
No More Guessing What to Say

Your Brand Message Playbook will yield far better results than creating marketing pieces on a “make it up as you go” basis.

With your Brand Message Playbook in-place you'll confidently and instantly deliver your own unique message.

So your brand shows up consistently on all platforms,

giving you greater recognition, Trust, and marketing effectiveness.

Share your message with confidence

And the best part?

(Aside from the super-boost in your marketing and communications)…

I write Your Brand Message Playbook FOR you!

You keep running your organization and I’ll do the heavy lifting on this.

The details ...

We start with a discussion and a creative brief.

This is a fun and high-value activity that will give you clarity and new insights about your organization.

Once we talk through the brief together,  I get busy…


I get to work on the secret sauce that makes all your outreach, communications and marketing work:

Your Brand Story.

I build your brand narrative by running all the collected data through time tested frameworks, and relationship principles that build trust and credibility. I begin by first,

" It's like having a brand message kit that magnetically connects with your audience, on any platform. "

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Your message outline acts as the individual building blocks that make up Your Brand Story as a whole.

 I include the breakdown of each component of your brand message in the Playbook so you can easily see why and how each part of your message works. This allows anyone on your team to write marketing and communications that are impactful and consistent with your brand narrative.

Your Brand Story Long Form tells your complete story from the perspective of what is important to the reader.

 In logical order with engaging language it grabs the interest of your audience, and clearly shows them What you do, How you help, Who you help, How lives are forever transformed through your organization.  And finally, how your audience can get involved, help, donate or buy.

The long form can be used in whole on your homepage, for speeches, fundraisers, and other outlets. 

It’s flexible enough to be used in part too.  Use relevant portions of your brand story for punchy, memorable, and impactful sound-bites for social media, advertising, asking for donor support and more.

 At Church, networking events, and just about anywhere else, you will be asked, “What do you (or your organization) do?”

This is when most people feel a little awkward, or “salesy” when talking about what they do.

With your Brand Message Snapshot at the ready you’ll quickly and clearly explain to anyone, at any time, the problem you address, the audience you help, and the results you get.

And the best part? 

No more awkward moments… or “salesy” feelings.

 You and your team will feel confident, authentic, and professional as you share your brand story in a single, concise statement. 

 So next time you’re asked, “What do you do?” you naturally answer with your brand message snapshot!



And for your Homepage…

Lastly, I put it all together in one comprehensive package that I call,

So you deliver a clear, compelling, and consistent message to Grow Your Brand, and help more people.

My goal for you is…

" I love working with Kevin!

He takes what is in my brain and puts it in these beautifully organized and useful soundbites. I feel like this is my cheat sheet for how to truly discuss who we are and what we are about. Thank you!
Kevin Urquhart Brand Story clients
Ariel and Trey Fernald
Co-founders, Eastern Sky Theatre Co.

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