Copywriting consulting Kevin Urquhart

My 7-Step Process for Copy that Converts Prospects to Buyers

Consider the money and time you invest in your website, advertising, and other marketing efforts.

If you’re not maximizing every word you type, print, or speak you could be losing some of that investment.

Communicating your unique value in a compelling way that drives prospects to buy takes a deep understanding of your offering, your customer, and the market.

Here’s my  process that gets the job done.

My 7-Step process for crafting copy that converts prospects to buyers works like this:

1. I get to know you, your company, your product/service, and your goals.

2. Then I Research the offer, the market, your customers, the competition.

(Research includes doing a competitive analysis, reviewing your product data, current marketing messages, customer analysis and interviews, market research of your offering)

3. Analyze the collected data to learn and/or help you to discover your unique story and why people want to buy your products/services, brainstorm and highlight the deeper motivating benefit customers receive from your product or service.

4. Identify your unique message and your ideal client. Come up with “The Big Idea” or “Central Message” of your offering that will resonate with prospective buyers.

5. Craft clear, compelling copy targeted to your ideal client.

6. Edit copy for greater clarity, appeal, and impact.

7. Make layout and graphic recommendations to support the message (if applicable).

I communicate with you throughout the process.

Make revisions as needed.

And upon completion, I send you the finished copy for your approval and use.

Getting started just takes a simple 5-minute conversation to determine if I can help.

And if I can help, I’ll gather some information about your project then I’ll send you an outline of the work to be competed along with a quote.

And if you like it, you’ll soon be enjoying clear powerful content that connects with your ideal prospect.

Sound good?