Get Real Reviews, My Easy Method for 5-Star Reviews

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The key to getting real 5-Star reviews is to make it as easy, simple, and quick as possible for the client.

Positive client real reviews do more than just make you feel good. They rank high in search results so you…

  • Get found by more people
  • Instill confidence in prospects looking for your service or products
  • Increase the number of your organic (free) leads

The key to getting real 5-Star reviews is to make it as easy, simple, and quick as possible for the client.

The less your client must think or do the better.

For starters, Do great work. Undersell, over deliver. (I know you already do this, but it must be said as the foundation to building a successful business and getting rave reviews.)

Now that you’ve done great work and have a client that is over-joyed with your service or product, you’re in position to get a great review.

But, before you ask for that review you’ll need to have a few things in place.

Set-Up Your business profiles to capture Real reviews

First, make sure you have your “Yelp” and “Google Business Profile” set up correctly. Be sure to provide a complete profile, filling in all the information for your business. Make sure to include Keywords. And make sure the Keywords and business information (phone number, address) on your profile pages match the Keywords and information on your website.

copy the review link to share with your client

Next, copy the review link from your business profile so you can easily share it with your client. The shared link will make it easier for the client, and therefore more likely the client will follow-through with a real review.

Now that you have your profiles set-up and your referral link in hand you’re ready to get positive genuine reviews from just about every client you impress with your great work.

How to ask for Authentic reviews

Just be aware that people mean well, they like you, and want to help you. But they get busy, and often end ups sidetracked. So, to enhance the chance of getting a positive review I ask for a review three times. By getting several small commitments (or yeses) it increases the likeliness of your client following through with a real review on Google or Yelp.

The first time I ask I’m simply planting the seed by placing the idea in the client’s mind. This is a very low-key and easy ask. It gets the client thinking in the right  direction and mentally agreeing to a review. That’s Yes #1.

Then I ask if I can text them a link to our review page. Once they agree (and they usually do) this is Yes #2.

And finally, I follow-up with a thank you email and a subtle reminder of their commitment to post a review. That’s Yes #3.

  1. Verbally
  2. Then by Text
  3. Followed by email

Like this:

Right after your client expresses their joy with your work, say,

“Thank you, I’m so  happy you like our work! I don’t know if you ever give Google or Yelp reviews, but it would really help other people find us if you did.” (they smile and nod or say yes) Then I continue. “May I send you a link to our profile page where you can easily post a review?” (They agree again).

Then I text the review link to the client while we are talking. However, human nature being what it is, people don’t always act right away on good intentions.

So, I send an email reminder.

Regardless of reviews it’s a good idea to always send a follow-up “Thank You” email after a sale or complement from a client. In the follow up email I thank them for their business (again) and remind them of how happy they are with our service, (using their words) followed by: “To easily help others find the joy of (whatever they said they are happy with) please consider posting your review here.” [link to your business profile page.]

That’s it. My easy no pressure method to getting 5-star reviews.

  • Client expresses pleasure with your work
  • Verbally Thank client and mention online review
  • Text client with a  link to your business profile review page
  • Follow up with an email thanking client again and include review link

Do this with every positive client encounter you have and soon you’ll be surprised with how many authentic 5-Star reviews you have. Even better is how surprised you’ll be with your Google ranking and new customers contacting you!

My method for 5-Star reviews is just one part of my complete process for finding and keeping new clients.

 If you’d like help with your SEO, Business Profile Page, Branding, Website, or other business growth tactics shoot me an email or give me a call and I’ll see if I can help.

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