The 3-Day Message Makeover

What is a Message Makeover…

 and why do I need one?

A Message Makeover is like a home makeover


A message makeover is like taking an old home with its original charm and character and bringing it up to date.

Fist, you envision what the home could be…

-you see the potential-

And at this point the continual embarrassment is more than you can stand…

 so you’re ready to take action.

thinking, person, how a message makeover is like a home makeover
annoyed, woman, wonder if she should do a message makeover

But then you quickly become overwhelmed and unsure if taking on such a project is even worth it.

Or worse, you’re afraid to find-out  how bad it might really be.

But then…

just before you put it off a minute longer someone you trust comes along…

  A professional…

 to guide you…

 and even do the work for you.

suddenly you become re-inspired.

excited, person, happy-2681489.jpg

 Your new guide with all his tools, knowledge, and years of experience takes you from uncertain (or unaware) to confident that with his help, your vision can quickly become a reality.

When the remodel is finished the home is far more attractive, enjoyable, and just makes you want to stay and spend more time there.


You Bet It Was!

woman, happy with her home makeover now wants a message makeover


 When you stand back and look at your home, you go from feeling embarrassed and overwhelmed to feeling proud, excited, and honored to share the beauty you’ve created for you and others to enjoy for years to come.

After all, isn’t that what a home is for?

What about your message?

Can your message go from being moderately effective to massively effective?

Resulting in a brand story that makes it easier to gain support, help more people and grow your organization?

After all, isn’t that what your message is for?

In Just 3-Days you'll see an instant improvement!

The 3-Day Message Makeover is the fastest way to More...

Sales . Sign-Ups . Supporters

      *Approval required. Not all inquires for the message makeover will be accepted as a clients.

How The 3 Day Message Makeover Works:

First, I review your existing message…

 your processes…


your results.

Then using proven paths that build trust and clarity, I re-structure your message to garner more supporters, donors, and customers.

With your story, newly expressed, your audience will…

Does your message clearly communicate

client, business, marketing-3691435.jpg

If you checked most of the boxes, you’re  off to a great start!


the real issue to keep in mind here is effectiveness.​

For example,

If I combed through your website long enough and hard enough, I would likely be able to find most the items on that list.

But That’s the problem...

You have a great message…


And when people are looking for answers (especially on the web) They simply won’t spent the time or burn the brain-cells trying to figure it out.


4.2 seconds, that’s it!

When it comes to gaining and holding people’s attention, studies show that you have less than five seconds to get the job done.

That’s why your message must,

or it Won't matter...

Even if I searched through your material long enough to find all those answers it wouldn’t matter.


 Just like you,  people are impatient, and they aren’t going  to stick around long enough to figure it out.

So, What’s the answer?

(you probably know by now)

Simply take the wonderful message you already have and make it more effective with …

The 3-Day Message Makeover

Just 3-Simple Steps to a Message Makeover that works...

1- Evaluate

2- Enhance

3- Elevate

I examine your current message for clarity and structure, using industry best practices and proven frameworks based on relationship principles that build trust naturally as your prospects go through the engagement process.

Using your existing message, processes, and results, I refine and arrange it in a logical easy  to follow order using a story brand framework and user experience (UX) best practices for messaging that converts prospects to donors, volunteers, and customers.

With your  newly remodeled message in hand, you’ll easily, quickly, and clearly communicate your value, grow your Christian nonprofit or business and help more people wherever your message shows up,

On-line, In-Print, or In-Person

In the meantime, maximize your website for conversions

Download the free guide…