Website Content Audit Report

A website Content audit report is a comprehensive review of your website's content and user experience.

 The purpose of the site audit is to maximize conversions starting with these two questions:

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1. Is my website optimized to convert visitors to customers?

2. What can I do to make my site perform better?

To answer these questions, I perform an in-depth, page by page analysis of your site in the areas of:

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • SEO
  • Ease of Use

Measuring each page against industry best practices, and my 38-point usability checklist for websites that convert.

Website Content Audit report findings

Upon completion of your site audit, you are presented with a document detailing the findings, and an action plan for improvements.

I offer recommendations to improve the user experience, increase your sales leads, and set you apart from the competition.


website audit report folder with papers

The document includes screen shots of your site with notations of what’s working and opportunities for improvement.

the website Content audit report will show you How to get better conversion rates

suggestions for website convesions

Your website content audit report also includes SEO research and findings. Allowing you to see how well your site is optimized for search, and where you land in search rankings, what keywords you rank for, and opportunities for keyword and ranking improvements.

Your SEO Score

SEO Report

competitor SEO Analysis

SEO competition analisis

Additionally, you will receive an SEO analysis of your top competitors, allowing you to see how well you compare to the competition in search results, and find opportunities to rank higher.

Following the report and the 38-point checklist I give you clear, actionable steps to begin boosting conversions.


website Content audit report Recommendations and action plan

Website audit report recomendations

Site Audit FAQs

A. Most site audits range between $500-$1200, depending on the number of pages, and the depth of content to  be review.

A. If you have a feeling your site could do better at being found and engaging visitors, Contact me, and I’ll do a free, over the phone quick review of your site. I’ll point-out what’s working and opportunities for improvement. Then, if you feel a full review of your site would be helpful I’ll send you quote for the work to be done.

A. Simply Book A Call Here to get on my calendar. On the call I’ll gather some information about your project.  And you’ll receive a proposal for approval.

A. You can call me at 805-358-9488 or get in touch Here or Here.

improve your website conversions today with this Website Content Audit checklist

The number one challenge I see with business owners and managers is, they are so familiar with their own business or product it’s easy to overlook how prospects see their business or product for the first time.

 In other words, what might be obvious to you, is not so obvious to a first-time or even second-time visitor.

To overcome this challenge, and begin converting more visitor to costumers,

First, start by looking at your site as a first-time visitor would. Then consider how well the conversion components are working.

For example:

Content: In the first 3-5 seconds of landing on your site do visitors know exactly who you are, what you offer, the benefit you provide, and what to do next? Are you sure? (Remember, see it from the prospect’s point-of-view. They are seeing the information  for the first time.)

Is your content given in the order the visitor needs to receive it? If the hierarchy of information is not in the correct order you’ll lose them.

Is the copy clear, compelling, customer centered, and does it direct the reader to where they need to go or what to do? This is tricky to assess if you are not trained and familiar with conversion copywriting.

Navigation: Is your site designed so your visitor quickly and easily finds what they are looking for? Or do they end up feeling frustrated and leave your site?

SEO: Do you show up on the first page of Google and other search engines? How do you compare to the competition? If you do show up in search results, is your meta data written so that a searcher is most likely to click on your website over the competition? Are photos and graphics sized and tagged correctly for SEO?

Ease of Use: What experience do you provide a visitor? Is your website cluttered, unclear, and confusing to use, or is it laid-out in a clear, concise, easy, to use, and pleasing format? You’ll be judged by your visitors on how your site looks and makes them feel.

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